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Welcome to Whats Web – Whatscan for Web, the ultimate app to conveniently manage multiple WhatsApp accounts and enjoy seamless messaging. With our powerful Whatsweb scanner, clone and access WhatsApp accounts on different devices or use dual accounts on one device. Stay connected and never miss a message with our fast, simple, and easy-to-use Whatsweb Scanner.

✨ Fast, Simple & Easy to use Whatsweb Scanner
Our Whats Web app offers a user-friendly interface to scan QR codes and log in to your WhatsApp accounts. No more hassle of switching devices or logging in and out repeatedly.

👥 Clone WhatsApp accounts & Dual WA
Experience the convenience of using multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. Clone accounts on another device or enjoy dual accounts on one device. With Whats Web, managing your WhatsApp accounts has never been easier.

✨ Automatically sync all WhatsApp messages
Say goodbye to missed messages. Our app syncs all messages from your cloned WhatsApp accounts, allowing you to read and reply anytime, anywhere. Stay on top of your conversations effortlessly.

✨ Download, read, and reply all WA messages
With Whats Web, conveniently download, read, and reply to all WhatsApp messages from your cloned accounts. Have full control over your texts, images, videos, and documents.

✨ Efficiently manage downloaded files of cloned accounts
Stay organized with our file management feature. Downloaded files from your cloned WhatsApp accounts are neatly organized in the Saved Files section. View, manage, and share your media hassle-free.

✨ Lightweight
Enjoy a lightweight app that doesn’t consume excessive device resources. Whats Web is designed to be efficient and responsive.

🌟 Fast and Stable Connection
Our Whatsweb scanner provides a fast and stable connection to your WhatsApp accounts. Scan the QR code and log in seamlessly. No unexpected logouts or disruptions.

💌 Instantly Sync WhatsApp Messages
Experience real-time message syncing. Stay up-to-date with messages from your cloned accounts. Never miss an important conversation again.

📱 Direct Chat
Connect on WhatsApp without saving contact information. Send messages directly to WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business without adding contacts.

📁 Easily Manage Saved Files
Keep your media files organized. Our app’s Saved Files section allows you to manage, view, and share downloaded images, videos, and documents conveniently.

📝 How to use Whats Web
Using Whats Web is straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Open the WhatsApp account you want to log into.
2. Tap on the Three Dots (Android/Windows) / Settings (iOS) and select Linked Devices.
3. Tap on “Link A Device” and scan the QR code in Whats Web.
4. View all messages of your cloned account and enjoy seamless messaging.

Download Whats Web – Whatscan for Web and effortlessly manage multiple WhatsApp accounts. Our app provides the best Whatsweb Scanner experience, ensuring you never miss a beat in your conversations.

Please note that Whatscan is not affiliated with the official WhatsApp application or WhatsApp Inc. We prioritize data privacy protection and do not collect personal information. Enjoy using Whats Web – Whatscan for Web by Ciliconsky Apps and seamlessly manage your WhatsApp accounts.

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